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Popular snacks, chocolate and candy from America.

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These traditional nostalgic treats from our childhood are guaranteed to bring back sweet memories

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Our huge range of bagged sweets includes Pick N Mix, Retro, Old Favourites and Chocolate & Fudge.

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Pure heaven for all chocaholics! Includes Milky Bar Choo And Caramilk

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Classic retro sweets from the decades that have stood the test of time

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Dietary Specific

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About Us

Hey Sweetie Online 

Delivering the most popular sweets and treats to YOUR doorstep!

If you are looking for the best brands and the best sweets online, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Hey Sweetie – the online sweet shop! Retro Sweets, American Candy, British Sweets, Childhood Favourites… We have them all!

What is your favourite sweetie? Sour Watermelons? Jolly Ranchers? Swedish Fish? Rhubarb & Custards? Or maybe Vampire Teeth – who says it’s only Halloween that Dracula can come out?! Or perhaps your more of a chocaholic – Marabou Chocolate or Chocolate Ice Cups? Whatever your favourite sweet is, you are sure to find it at Hey Sweetie.

We stock hundreds of sweets from past & present, and from all around the world – from Australian Chocolate to Liquorice from Finland! That doesn’t mean we forget about the old classic sweets however – traditional Kola Cubes (because they HAVE to have a chewy centre, right?), Giant Pan Drops and Cherry Lips to name only a few! Because we are never too old to enjoy our childhood favourite sweet, and we are never too young to feel the nostalgia that surrounds them! So start browsing through our products today, and enjoy the memories that come flooding back! We also stock dietary specific sweets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Sugar Free and Gluten Free), so we truly believe that we have something for everyone! We are confident that you will love Hey Sweetie’s sweets as much as we do!


Sweets is what we do

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Nestled between Aberdeen and Peterhead is ELLON – the home of our brick and mortar shop – where Hey Sweetie started! 

A small picturesque town, most famous for the River Ythan, Haddo House, Brew Dog and let’s not forget – the Otter sculpture. Made appropriate by the many wild otters found in the 60km river.

Bringing us to the question – What To Do In Ellon?

Experience a beer tour, embrace the riverside walk, play the golf course, explore Ellon Castle Gardens, browse the many small local shops (Ellon Whisky Shop, Myriad, Dress You Up Boutique, to name just a few) and of course… enjoy the best ice cream and sweets in town!

Visit Hey Sweetie!

Located in Ellon’s town centre, Hey Sweetie can be found on Market Street, just yards away from the Riverside Car Park. After exploring the idyllic attractions of Ellon, why not treat yourself to a luxury Scottish Simpson’s Of Buckie ice cream and enjoy the River view, you might even spot some of the local wildlife.

Ice cream isn’t all that we sell however! Sour Watermelons, Jolly Ranchers, Marabou Chocolate, Vampire Teeth, Tim Tams, Iced Caramels… the list goes on! We stock hundreds of sweets from past and present, and from all around the world! So whether it’s a Jolly Rancher Slush you are looking for, American Candy, Traditional Sweets or a Whippy Ice Cream… come and visit Hey Sweetie today – Ellon’s Sweetie Shop!

We are easily accessed by the AWPR, with regular bus routes to and from Ellon from various locations (including Aberdeen, Fraserburgh, Peterhead, Inverurie and many more).

Come Visit us!

Or Shop Online

We have a huge selection of sweets available online and in store so however you prefer to shop or wherever you are located we have something for everyone!

+44 (0)7927 523421

40 Market Street,
Ellon, AB41 9JD 

Mon – Sat 10.00am – 5.00pm Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm


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